History refutes the so-called Republican "War on Women"!

Tired of hearing the Dems claim the Republicans are waging a "War on Women"?  Read on!

Republican policies have always far outpaced those of Democrats in terms of women.  It is very interesting to take a look at the history of women in the Republican Party.

1872    the first official recognition of women in a major political Party platform appears in the Republican Party Platform.
1878    At the personal request of Susan B. Anthony herself, a Republican Senator introduces into Congress the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution giving women the right to vote.
1894    Republicans elect the first woman to a State office.
1895    Three Republican women in Colorado are the first women to serve in a State legislature.
1896    The first equal rights of women plank carried in any major political party platform is contained in the Republican Party Platform.
1916    The first woman elected to Congress is a Republican.
            The first major Party to favor federal women’s suffrage is the Republican Party.
1919    The first act of Congress after a Republican majority was regained was the passage of the 19th Amendment.
            The Sargent Amendment, as it was known, had been defeated four times by a Democrat-controlled Senate.
            When the 19th Amendment was submitted to the States for ratification, 26 of the 36 States that ratified it had Republican legislatures.
            Of the nine States that voted against it, eight were Democratic.
            12 States, all Republican, had already given women full suffrage.
1924    The first women mayor of a major city, Seattle, was a Republican woman.

1940    The Republican Party becomes the first major political Party to endorse an equal rights amendment for women in its platform.
1948    The first woman to hold a high position in a presidential election campaign is a Republican
1953    The Republican Party is the first to appoint a U.S. ambassador to a major power:  Italy.
1960    For the first time in the history of any political convention, a Republican woman serves as the director of the convention
1964    Republican Margaret Chase Smith is the first woman to serve in both the House and the Senate
            The first woman to have her name placed in nomination for the U.S. Presidency by either of the two major political Parties is a Republican woman.
1965    The first woman to be elected State Party Chairman of any major political Party is a Republican.
1978    The first woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate without her husband first preceding her or without first being appointed to fill an unexpired term is a Republican Woman.
1981    Republicans appoint the first woman to the United States Supreme Court.
            Republicans also appoint the first woman U.S. Representative to the United Nations.
1984    The first female head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is a Republican woman.
            The first woman high commissioner of the U.S. Territories is Republican.
            Republicans appoint the first female U.S. Marshall.
2001    A Republican President appoints the first female National Security Advisor.
2014    Republicans elect the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.
            The first female veteran to serve in the U.S. Senate is a Republican.

            Armed with all of these facts, it is time we stand up to the Democrat hypocrisy of alleging there is a Republican war on women.  Democrat unexcused and un-chastised sexual harassment, rising sexual harassment incidents in Democrat-controlled government agencies, affiliation through Clinton Foundation donations from governments which suppress and deny even basic rights of women, paying males more than paying female workers while claiming to support equal pay for women, shows without a doubt which Party is the biggest threat to the advancement of women in this country.  Republicans have long-championed the rights of women, as history proves, and Republicans promote women in leadership with respect and energy.
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