Recommended Reading

"The High Cost of Good Intentions". is a real eye-opener! I say eye-opener because both political parties have had a hand in expanding the various Federal government entitlement programs, from Veterans Disability programs, to AFDC,Social Security (and Social Security Disability Insurance) ... you name it! No matter what the original intent (or good intentions) of a program, costs were seriously underestimated. Pressures from lobbying groups and political considerations brought about severe liberalizations of the programs, taking them far beyond whatever the original design intended. Anyone hear the term "Creeping Scope" ? Well, Congress falls prey to creeping scope every time! No wonder our nation is trillions of dollars in debt! This is not a quick read - the author has supplied the reader with
abundant statistical data and a timeline showing how our Federal Government has consistently expanded entitlements far beyond the funds needed to stay afloat, fiscally. This book is well worth buying, reading and sharing with others!
This should be every voter’s handbook for putting pressure on our elected Congressional Representatives to change policies that, left intact, will ultimately bankrupt our Nation and leave future generations to try and pick up the pieces. Time for action, and this book gives us the ammunition!
Judy Sall