Action Items

2020 Call to Action

In the 17+ years that I have lived in Flagstaff, AZ, this year's increase in Republicans becoming active in rallies and events has never been higher!  This is very encouraging, and even though we may not have won all the races, now is the time to stay strong and continue to be active in our community!
Attend City Council, County Supervisor, School Board meetings - share what you learn with other Republicans!  Many of these meetings may be online, which makes it easier to attend.
Support our local Republican groups - Flagstaff Republican Women and Coconino County Republican Committee by becoming members, volunteering to take on tasks to grow our base and make us even stronger.
Help us to find and recruit individuals willing to run for office at our local level, as well as applying to become members of various committees like Planning & Zoning, Water Commission and many more.  Here are links to see more opportunities to participate in our community:
If you join a board or commission, become our eyes and ears, and share what you learn so we can be more informed about what is happening in our city and county.  We can’t rely on local publications to keep us in the know… our best bet is to
share with each other! 
If you are a Republican registered to vote in Coconino County, there is a closed Facebook group “Republicans living in Coconino County” you can join to share information and learn about events and issues.  Please ask to be added to the group!
If you have any other suggestions or any questions, please contact Jean Ferguson, President, Flagstaff Republican Women, 928-526-4237 or Joan Harris, Chairman, Coconino County Republican Committee 928-226-0502.
Judy Sall
Editor, Flagstaff Republican Women Newsletter

In today's world there are so many issues that will have a major impact on us all!  It is time we take a more active role in influencing our elected officials, and we need to speak out in public forums such as the local newspaper and Social Media.  Below are links to two articles - one on how to write an effective letter to the editor, the other is tips for contacting your elected representatives.  They are in pdf format so you can print them out.  Please use them as a starting point for becoming more of a voice in our community!