Tribute to Awesome Annie Booth

Awesome Annie

December 29,1935- April 1, 2018

When I was growing up my parents always taught me it was impolite to talk about politics or religion in public.   And yet there was no one more charming than our own FRW member Annie Booth, who broke all of the rules and preached both politics and religion at every opportunity.  I first met Annie at a Republican Delegates meeting a number of years ago. I had been introduced to Beautiful Billie Banning.  When she found out I lived in Munds Park, she was excited to introduce me to Annie.   It should be no surprise after initial introductions, the first thing Annie said to me was,  “Do you have Jesus in your heart?… and… Do you support Donald Trump?”  Fortunately the answer was yes to both and a deep friendship was forged.
On Easter Sunday, Annie went to heaven to be with Jesus, her beloved husband John and many other loved ones. As Annie said herself…..”Just Moved.”  There are so many stories and memories I am sure we could all share, but for the sake of time and space I will share a summary of how best to remember our Annie. 
GOD IS GOOD!  Every day was a great day for Annie.  No matter the highs or lows, for Annie her answer was always how God is Good!  Few mornings passed that Annie did not begin her day with sharing scripture with her grandson Ben and praying with many friends.  If you had any doubt about her devotion to witnessing for her faith, call Annie’s voicemail and listen to her invitation to invite Jesus into your life.   Go out for any meal with Annie, and watch her engage every server about having a personal relationship with the Lord.  Annie served as the FRW Chaplain for many years.   Each luncheon she shared some Biblical story and question that tied back to our daily lives.  The winners of the questions would receive a book usually from her husband’s book collection, then she would lead us in prayer.  Annie was a member of the Munds Park Community Church, and enjoyed attending Christ Church of Flagstaff as well. Her husband John was a Pastor, and the two of them witnessed hundreds of souls over their years, as well as raise a number of foster children alongside their own family.
ADJECTIVES- Annie loved to give us all names with adjectives, to define how she felt about us.  I am sure many names come to mine.  Personally I was Joyful Julie. But there was Joyous Joan, Beautiful Billie, Marvelous Mark, Terrific Tom and many more.
POLITICS and PATRIOTISM -  Annie was a devoted Conservative and Republican.  She collected her Elephants.  She served as the Precinct Committee Person for the Pinewood District, and a delegate for Coconino County.  She adored wearing her Make America Great Again Hat. Annie took joy in riding on the FRW Golf Cart for the various parades every year.  She loved working shifts at the County Fair, where she could recruit members and voters for upcoming elections.  Annie had a voice of an angel, and she took enormous pride in singing at church and leading our group in the National Anthem.  She found herself on the cover of the Daily Sun after singing at the FRW Inauguration Party in January of 2017.
A favorite memory will be of Annie installing campaign signs in her front yard, as well as climbing a hill and helping to put up signs that could be seen from I-17.  Remember when Billie and Annie adventured to Prescott early one morning in order to get upfront seating at the rally for Donald Trump.  They succeeded with the assistance of some “Young Republican Teens” who helped them get front and center in the auditorium.
FAMILY AND FRIENDS -  Annie fiercely loved her family and friends.  While she might not have always liked what we had to say, or share, she prayed for us all daily.  She loved her children Mark and Robin.  She loved her five grandchildren and numerous foster children she raised over the years.  I am not sure if there was always distinction between family and many of her friends.  Many of her dearest friends who will read this, will hopefully know she loved us like brothers and sisters and sons and daughters.  She mentored us all and relished in the lessons she could take away from us as well.

Some other quick summaries for your amusement and heart:
TECHNOLOGY - ummmmmm….not so much.  Annie would always struggle with her cell phone and computers always had her beat!  But for the record, she conned a gal at real estate school to help her on the computer so that she could renew her real estate license at age 80.
DRIVING - She had a lead foot!  Neither snow nor ice were a challenge for her driving spirit, as long as she could get out of the driveway. Her Toyota had seen better days, but it kept her rolling. A few dings were easily covered up by a well placed political bumper sticker.
SWIMMING - Annie loved her morning aerobics and swimming at the Pinewood Country Club every summer.
FOOD -  Growing up in a large family, Annie appreciated when you were fortunate enough to have a full plate of food.  Annie never left food on the plate.  She always finished every meal, or took the remainder home for another time.   If you ever sat next to her at an FRW luncheon, you would know she savored every bite of her desserts.  When dessert was placed on the table in advance of the luncheons, she always ate it first.  Annie believed in the saying…”Life is short, eat dessert first!” 
You would always find Annie and Billie at Village Inn on Wednesdays, so that they could share in fellowship…and of course….“Free Pie Wednesdays” after a meal.  Billie and Annie shared many a prayer for our country and for many of their family and friends in need, over a piece of pie.

SHE LOVED AND LISTENED -  In summary- our Annie was a listener.  While full of ideas and opinions herself, Annie served as a wonderful listener.   Annie could interpret, share and help anyone sort out whatever was tangled in our hearts and minds at any juncture.  She spoke the truth from her heart, her Bible and her life experiences.  Many of us who read this will remember the hours spent with Annie on the phone, at a table or in front of a fireplace sorting out the affairs of the world.  Our Annie will be missed, but for our comfort remember she “Just Moved” and God is Great!
- With Love, Julie Richie